Zambian Government and UNDP Sign Multi-Donor 2015-2017 Electoral Support

Lusaka – 4th March 2016: With the 2016 general elections ahead, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) together with European Union, DFID UK, and Ireland have entered into a cooperative agreement to address the longer term underlying areas of electoral processes in Zambia and to support the Electoral Commission of Zambia to successfully organize the elections on August 11, 2016. 
The resources for the programme amount to approximately $9.9 million USD over two years of which $7.7 million USD had already been generously made available by this cooperative agreement. It will be implemented by the Electoral Commission of Zambia and other national and non-state institutions such as the Department of National Registration, Passport and Citizenship Office, Zambia Police, the media and civil society. UNDP will co-ordinate the support on behalf of the cooperating partners.
The Programme will focus on five components of the needs defined for Zambia’s prevailing electoral environment: a) Enhancing institutional and functional efficiency of the ECZ to conduct quality and cost effective elections, b) Heightening the integrity of the outcome of elections through timely, accurate and secure vote counting and tallying processes, c) Capacity of political parties preparedness for elections strengthened and women leadership in political parties developed, d) Institutional effectiveness of early warning systems on election-related conflict, incident mapping, and Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms and e) Enhancing the Media's understanding of the work of ECZ and of the electoral process as a whole, especially with the specificities of the forthcoming general elections.
The Programme document has been signed with the Government of the Republic of Zambia - represented by the Ministry of Finance - the Electoral Commission of Zambia and UNDP. The consolidated support will contribute to a transparent, efficient and inclusive electoral process in Zambia.  The support will also strengthen the institutions that deliver successful elections and increase citizen participation in national processes.