Zambia has played an exemplary role in the family of nations, fully in the spirit of the words of the UN Charter, promoting unity among all Zambians and living in peace over the fifty years since the country joined the United Nations as an independent state.

As we celebrate Zambia’s 50 years of independence, we recognise the country today is at an important stage in its journey to a prosperous Middle Income Country by 2030 as described in its Vision 2030.  With robust economic growth in the past few years and significant progress made on a number of social indicators, Zambia today has a tremendous potential to realise that vision.

At the same time, Zambia's rapid growth throws a spotlight on the areas where there continue to be development challenges: widening inequality, extreme poverty, high maternal mortality rates, increasing new HIV infections among young people, teenage pregnancies and high rate of school dropout are some of them.

Eleven UN Resident Agencies and a dozen Non-Resident Agencies make up the United Nations Delivering as One Country Team in Zambia.  The Country Team works closely with the Government and other national and international partners to assist Zambia in achieving both national and internationally agreed development goals, including the Millennium Development Goals.  The Country Team's work is guided by the UN Development Assistance Framework, agreed with the government.

As One UN Team, we are committed and work hard to ensure alignment and harmonisation between our work and that of the Government.  We support Zambia's lead role in the global debate on the future direction of Sustainable Development, and commend Zambia's pressure for a bold and inspiring Post-2015 global development agenda aimed at achieving fair socio-economic development, promoting democracy, and protecting and preserving the rights of all people.

The UN Country Team, through the Humanitarian Coordination Committee, also provides support to Zambia to adapt to climate change, mitigate risks and improve preparedness for possible natural disasters, such as flooding.  In so doing, we work with all levels of Government, civil society and other partners in Zambia.

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Janet Rogan

UN Resident Coordinator